“Nowadays, it’s hard to determine if I really do music because I love music? Or is it because I love the satisfaction of hearing excitement in the voices of the fans when they tell me they love this!?!? Or is it the money? Whatever it may be, I do know one thing; I’m doing this because I’m enjoying life!

I grew up in the typical black family. I was raised in the “hood” although it seemed like paradise to me back then! My mom was a single mother raising two, trying to make it the best she could with the best she had, even if it was temporary or permanent and she hated it! Daddy was on drugs. I witnessed so many deaths, struggles, pain, hurt, stress and so on and so on… We went through it all!

At the end of the day, I do this for my family because they stayed down through thick and thin!

I remember writing raps back in the day with the dreams of wanting to be a famous rapper and/or a basketball player. In school I was “thuggin” and just acting out. Got kicked out of second grade for fighting and calling teachers b****es, got expelled from third grade as well, plus I went to juvenile for all types of charges that were eventually dropped. Went back in 6th grade. Started associating with gangs in 7th grade. Moved to Chicago Summer 2002 and met all the homies I’m still cool with today. I went through all that and more but the fact is, none of that stuff means nothing now!

To sum it all up, I’m happy in life. But that happiness doesn’t mean much if those who you care about most can’t experience that happiness with you!”