Thanksgiving seems to be the one day that everybody highlights what they are thankful for, but me, EVERYDAY that I wake up I pray to The Lord and give thanks for waking me and giving me another opportunity to be the best that I can be. Throughout my success, I’ve gained so much in life but recently I lost the biggest part of me and that’s being there for my son 100% of the time and not in and out of his life. It hurts me to wake up and have everything but him, especially when I worked this hard to make sure that he wants for nothing. I’m extremely thankful that at least he knows who his dad is, and I’m thankful for being in a situation where I can fly into town to see him, take him on vacation with me and still be there to experience a lot of his “first” experiences. Son I just want you to know one thing; daddy may not be around much, but I love you with all my heart and I will always be there to support you. When you are old enough to voice where you want to live, you are more than welcomed to come live with Daddy. Love You!

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