Life is very confusing at times, stressful here and there, but it’s only as good as you make it. A life lesson worth learning! Lately I’ve been so stressed out and depressed about things that I can’t control such as the deaths that’s occurring within our society. It’s stressful and depressing and the question I hear the most is “when will it stop?” and sad to say, but I truly believe that it will never end. Think about it, if a young black kid is brought up in the world thinking sagging is cool, gang banging is cool, money is everything, etc, it’s a very good chance that that child will be instantly categorized and treated different. Why do I say this? It’s the truth. Nobody wants to be involved with someone that can’t have a decent conversation, doesn’t care about their appearance enough to pull up their pants, and someone who doesn’t have a vision about life instead of thinking MONEY. If we want change, we have to step up and make the change ourselves. Nothing in this world is a given. Pray to God and put in the effort to make Black Lives Matter.

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